Rhythm & Culture Music is a locally brewed record label that reflects Washington, DC’s eclectic influences and organic music scene.

With a talented roster of local and international artists, the label strives to harness sounds from around the world and challenge conceptions of what is considered dance music: Tracks put out by the label can be enjoyed while driving down DC’s Rock Creek Park or dancing into the late morning hours in a an energy-filled club.

This artist owned-and-run label was created by Farid Nouri, resident DJ and one of the founders of Eighteenth Street Lounge and Red (a dance club in DC from 1997 to 2005), and Thomas Blondet, a DC staple of world-class deejaying. The label strives to invigorate today’s music community with sultry infusions of soulful and exotic melodies. Combining this concept with acclaimed productions, the label is poised to create a genre of its own.

Booking / Licensing / Inquiries:

2122 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Suite 215
Washington, D.C. 20008