Rhythm & Culture

Bringing Rhythm & Culture to DC: DJ Thomas Blondet

DJ/Producer Thomas Blondet

“Always smooth,” says house scene veteran Charles Gore about the set he just danced to by Thomas Blondet at the Eighteenth Street Lounge.  Gore has followed Blondet since the days of Club Red because “He’s one of those guys who does it just right.” “I always knew Tom was going to make it because he […]

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Second Sky presents “The Art of Influence”

Second Sky — The Art of Influence

Second Sky’s debut album, “The Art of Influence,” is a journey into the mind of songwriter Billy Medina as he translates experience and emotion into sonic worlds of introspection and discovery. Bassist Wes DiIorio and drummer/producer Bill Lascek-Speakman set the scene with lush soundscapes, dusty hip-hop beats and dynamic musical passages. While rooted in trip-hop […]

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The Sound of Rhythm & Culture Remixed

Various Artists — The Sound of Rhythm & Culture Remixed

ESL Music is pleased to announce the follow up remix release from Rhythm & Culture Music! Rhythm & Culture Music finishes off the year strong with “The Sound of Rhythm & Culture Remixed.” Inviting label favorites and new talent to collaborate on this finely-distilled brew of music, the label maintains its edgy, sophisticated sound while […]

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