Second Sky — The Art of Influence Remixed

Second Sky — The Art of Influence Remixed

Second Sky — The Art of Influence Remixed

Including mixes by: Kenny Dope / Jask / Omegaman / Kaleidoscope / Holmes Ives

The Art of Influence REMIXED is a diverse reinvention of Second Sky’s stunning debut album as interpreted by an array of producers ranging from emerging talent to veterans alike. The members of Second Sky, with the help of Rhythm and Culture, carefully hand-picked each producer to create a collection that is DJ friendly, and provides a varied, high-quality listening experience.

Kaleidoscope Jukebox starts things off with a groovy breakbeat rendition of the sitar-laced “A Hundred Million Sounds”. – “Billy (Medina) and I were sharing a drink one night, listening to the Properly Chilled podcast when we heard a tune that instantly commanded our attention. It turned out to be Kaleidoscope Jukebox. A quick internet search and cold email resulted in this rich and adventurous remix. We immediately started to think about who we’d invite next. One after another, stellar remixes started rolling in.” Bill Lascek-Speakman

Next, Alex H reworks the middle-eastern flavors of “Hourglass”, replacing the dark, driving undercurrent of the original with a new sense of lightness and momentum fueled by lush synths that suggest a notion of flight.

The latest dancefloor sensation Moombahton provides the foundation for DJ Melo’s take on “Messenger”, followed by another floor-filling remix by friends The Empresarios, who tackle the title track “The Art of Influence”.

Legendary producer Kenny Dope brings his body-moving expertise, turning the laid-back vibes of “Under the Line” into a monstrous house-music experience. “It was exciting for us to hear our music remixed by artists like Kenny Dope and Dr. Rubberfunk, who’s work we’ve always admired, as well as being able to include great new talent.” – Wes DiIorio

Rounding out the set, Kaushik M, Holmes Ives, Jask, One Era, and Omegaman provide their unique and dynamic renditions, before the exquisitely emotional Kundalini remix of “Too Far” draws things to a close.