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Farid has been the owner-operator and music curator of Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington, DC since it opened in 1995. He has over 25 years of entrepreneurial and management experience.

Growing up in the outskirts of  DC, Farid attended the University of Maryland. Realizing that music was his passion, he scored his first deejay gig in 1991. 

Farid went on to release multiple EPs, and 12” singles, followed by numerous appearances on various worldwide music compilations. He has two excellent 12" records titled Crowd Control and Dealer's Choice on ESL Music. His follow-up work Main Ingredient and Adventures On The Green Line were both released on Rhythm & Culture Recordings. He also collaborates on Disco edits under Chocolate City Tracks.


Crowd Control (12") Eighteenth Street Lounge Music 2000

Dealer's Choice (12") Eighteenth Street Lounge Music 2001

Main Ingredient (12") Rhythm & Culture Music 2005

Adventures On The Green Line (Digital) Rhythm & Culture Music 2015

Chocolate City Tracks (Digital) Run 'N Catch Recordings 2015

Voices Feat Ammoye Rhythm & Culture Music 2020

Do You Think Im Sexy Feat Ammoye Rhythm & Culture Music 2021


Tracks Appear On:

JBoogie’s Dubtronic Science - OM Records     2004

Kid Kenobi Feat. MC Shureshock  Clubbers Guide To Breaks - Ministry Of Sound 2004

Nightmares On Wax. My Definition - Apace Music 2006

Ibiza Chilled - Funk Wax  2005

Turntables On The Hudson Vol 5 - Fifth Anniversary - Giant Step Records 2004

Pathaan’s Small World - Stoned Asia 2002

Résident des Halles - Strike sure La France  2006

Madrid De Los Ausrias - Playground Vol. 4    2002

Barcelona Satellite Lounge - Satellite K  2002

Ethnic Odyssey Various - Erros Music    2001

Supperclub Presents Lounge 5 - United Records  2001

Slow Mo Three - Stereo Deluxe  2002

Generation Cocktail - S.A.I.F.A.M  2002

Frequent Flyer - First Class - Kinkysweet Records  2006

Fresh One and Beatnick  Confidential Uptempo Social Dining - Sleeping Giant Music 2007

Peace Bureau Inner City Booms - Eightball Records    1997

Peace Bureau Acoustic Soulful Bebop Booms - Eightball Records.  1994

Peace Bureau The Boom Remixes - Eightball Records  1995


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