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Steven Rubin


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Steven Rubin has been writing, performing, and producing music since childhood. Focused mainly on guitar and vocals, he has fronted numerous bands over the years, from the live hip hop/rock hybrid The Circle Six to his current alternative rock band Jackie and The Treehorns, Steven continues to explore as many musical opportunities as possible. 


Since the first time he heard Pink Floyd’s “On The Run” he has been obsessed with electronic music and its hybridization with traditional rock elements.  Bands like Radiohead, the Beastie Boys, and the Flaming Lips have hugely influenced Steven’s sonic approach to creating music and the rise of digital recording over the past twenty-five years has greatly impacted his ability to collaborate with others and explore many new soundscapes. 


Steven produced two instrumental electronic albums under the moniker Deep Rooted (“A Score For Intercourse” and it’s follow-up “Touching Bottom In The Morning”). For these albums he chose to exclude live instrumentation and experiment with midi, loops, and samples. 


He recently linked up for a collaboration with DJ/Producer Thomas Blondet to work on an improvisational project.  With Thomas, Steven has found a creative partnership that has flourished. Thomas’s production skills and history as a DJ and producer has enabled Steven to combine his love of downbeat trip-hop music and live instrumentation. 


As well as being a music producer, Steven also has his hand in filmmaking, shooting music videos for his current band and releasing numerous short films over the years. He is currently working with a writing team to develop a television series.

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